System of steel industrial balustrades

          We are pleased to present You a system of steel balustrades for industrial applications. 
Due to its modular structure, the system is easy to transport and install.
Stanchions as a "main focus" element of every balustrade system are spacing up to 1,5 [m]
and they can be fix to the outside of structure (or with distance) as also with standing option (with foot).
Balustrades has been tested on many sites and works perfectly, which can be confirmed by Customers and assembly teams.

Characteristic of balustrades system:
- Aesthetic,
- Quick and easy to assemble,
- Adaptability to any situation,
- Light (14.6 kg per linear meter (with screws, bolts and plugs)),
- Compliant with PN EN ISO-14122-3: 2016;

The project includes:
- Complete 2D executive documentation:
          - Drawings of assemblies and the individual parts,
          - Sheet metal unfolding (.dxf),
          - Bill of materials BOM;
- 3D block models in universal .step or native .ipt format,
- Native 3D files in .iam & .ipt format,

- Report from checking calculations (acc. to PN EN ISO-14122-3: 2016

- Assembly instruction,
- Catalog,
- Brochure,
- Declaration of compliance with the standard;

Additional information

Project is in PL language version but it's possibility to prepare EN version.

If you are interested, please contact Us, We will provide You all the necessary information.