System of heavy duty gratings

         We are pleased to present You a system of heavy duty gratings for industrial applications, with optional dust limitation modules.
Due to its modular structure, the system is easy to transport and install.

Characteristic of the complete system:

- Very good system weight ratio (steel mass / carry load),
- Max. total weight of truck - up to 60t (it’s approx. 56 m³ volume of for eg. wheat on trailer),
No Welding for any component of system:
         - System / repetitive production which guarantee keeping geometrical tolerances
           (no heat treatment of assembly),
          - Ergonomic transport (no oversize cargo),
          - Easy assembly (no crane required);

- Optional dust limitation system;

The project includes:
- Complete 2D executive documentation:
          - Drawings of assemblies and the individual parts,
          - Sheet metal unfolding (.dxf),
          - Bill of materials BOM;
- 3D block models in universal .step,
- Native 3D files in .iam & .ipt format,
- Report from checking calculations,
- Guideline of pit edges for builder project needs,

- Assembly instruction,
- Data sheet;

Additional information
Project is in EN language version but it's possibility to prepare PL version.

If you are interested, please contact Us, We will provide You all the necessary information.