System of belt conveyors

         We are pleased to present You a system of belt conveyors for bulk material transport.
Due to its modular structure, the system is easy to transport and install.

Characteristic of the complete system:

- Capacity ranges (assuming a bulk material density of 0.6 [t/m³]):
          - from 50 [t/h] up to 100 [t/h],
          - from 100 [t/h] up to 250 [t/h];
- Length range form 6 [m] up to 100 [m],
- Inclination angle range from 0° up to 10°,
- Structure modules:
          - Drive section with square outlet and length of 2 [m],
          - Tension section with length of 2 [m],
          - Inlet section with square inlet and length of 1 [m],
          - Intermediate sections of length: 1 [m], 1,5 [m] and 2 [m],
          - "Fixed" and "movable" supports with a height range form 0,5 [m] up to 2,0 [m] and angle from 0° up to 10°,
- Assemblies are bolt connected, build of galvanized sheet plates,
- Top cover as well optional linear STOP switch,
- Adjustable to various situations,
- Easy transport and assembly,
- Repeatable production,
- Compact external dimensions,
- Large support span,
- Low weight,
- Compliance with the subject & safety distances standards,
- Compliance with the essential requirements and the machinery directive,
- Partly completed machinery within the meaning of the directive to be built into a completed machine (system);

The project includes:
- Complete 2D executive documentation:
          - Drawings of assemblies and the individual parts,
          - Sheet metal unfolding (.dxf),
          - Bill of materials BOM;
- Checking calculations:
          - Basic calculation of system for each configuration,
          - Classic calculations and selection of individual components,
          - FEA calculations for e.g.: frames, supports, covers, reaction arms, ...,

- BOM configurator,

- Assembly instruction (manual),
- Instruction with complete drawings,
- Data sheet (basic dimensions & characteristic for marketing needs),
- Basic renders for marketing needs,
- 3D block models in universal .step,
- Native 3D files in .iam & .ipt format;

Additional information
Project in EN language version.

If you are interested, please contact Us, We will provide You all the necessary information.